The Office of the Future

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What the office of 2020 be like? By then, it's highly likely that most of the western world will been connected to a WiFi network. As as that , the physical restriction of phone lines disappear. Some people will have to commute to the office each day, but for many others their office will wherever they are. More and more people will be from home several days a week. It's no exaggeration to say that many businessmen and women will sending e-mails and business with clients they lying on a beach or flying across the Atlantic. In terms of technology, mobile phones and laptops will have even more lightweight and portable than they are now, and many new pieces of communication technology will have introduced to make our working lives easier. Indeed, 2020, it's quite possible that your mobile, camera, laptop and MP3 player will have been combined into one very small, but extremely powerful, business communications unit.