Sell your stuff online without the hassle!

Gap-fill exercise

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It seems to be a feature of today's (throw) society that we accumulate (possess) that we do not really need. Impulse buys and (want) gifts begin to clutter up our homes, and objects that began as a source of (please) turn into a source of frustration. Too good to put in the bin or donate to a charity shop, these items are, quite (frank) just in the way!
Online auctions, such as eBay, provide a ready-made (solve). But as anyone who has tried it knows, buying goods online is (remark) easy, whereas selling them can be a complex and time-consuming business. You need to take digital photos of the items from a (vary) of angles, write an enticing description to attract (potent) bidders, negotiate insurance costs and then queue up at the post office to despatch the thing. It hardly comes as a surprise, therefore, to learn that over 90% of auction users are buyers rather than sellers.
Enter a new breed of service provider: the online auction facilitator, who in return for a (percent) of the sale price as (commit) will do all the work for you.
Basically, you just take the thing you want to sell to them and they do the rest.