Humans and other life forms

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Humans much in common with other life forms on Earth. the very first life forms appeared, all living things have desperately struggling to survive the harsh and changing conditions of our planet. This has adapting to new situations and, in many cases, has to either evolution or extinction. We are alone in making use of the world around us (birds use twigs to build nests, for example) or in being particularly skilful (spiders make intricate webs). Where we differ from other life forms, however, in our ability to record, and learn from, our collective history. In this, it that we unique. is still much mankind not know about the earliest humans, of course, but we are increasingly a species with detailed knowledge about our past. The more we learn, the better our chances of survival in the future. It must also be recognised, however, that we are also the only species on Earth which managed to create the means to destroy the planet we live on.