Control your anger

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When a celebrity, a politician or other person in the media spotlight loses their temper in public, they run the risk of hitting the headlines in a most (embarrass) way. For such (control) outbursts of anger are often triggered by what seem to be trivial matters and, if they are caught on camera, can make the person appear slightly (ridicule). But it's not only the rich and famous who are prone to fits of rage. According to recent surveys, ordinary people are (increase) tending to lose their cool in public.
Yet anger is a potentially (destroy) emotion that uses up a lot of energy and creates a high level of emotional and physical stress - and it stops us thinking rationally. (consequent) angry people often end up saying, and doing, things they later have cause to regret.
So, how can anger be avoided? Firstly, diet and lifestyle may be to blame. (tolerant) and irritability certainly come to the surface when someone hasn't slept properly or has skipped a meal, and any (take) of caffeine can make things worse.
Taking regular exercise can help to ease and diffuse feelings of (aggresive), however, reducing the chances of an angry response. But if something or someone does make you angry, it's (advise)not to react immediately. Once you've calmed down, things won't look half as bad as you first thought.